About Us


We are Mike and Diana Goble.

We live near San Jose, California, otherwise known as Silicon Valley. 
We’ve both worked in high tech for the past 30 years or so.

When our children graduate from college, we plan to sell our house, most of
our stuff, and travel around the world.

We have many newly retired or soon to retire friends and we’ve spent lots
of time discussing things like destinations for travel and living, how to
pack for a long trip, selling the house, packing up, buying or renting our
next home, retirement finances, taking care of our parents while we are
still helping our children, and so on.
The lifestyle changes are significant enough for us to envision this as
moving to a new chapter in our lives, i.e. Living Chapter 2.

Our approach has always been to do research when we have a question or a
challenge to address, but we haven’t found much consolidated information
to help us with our Chapter 2, so we decided to share the information we
have  gained while planning for and embracing Living Chapter 2.

We hope you enjoy reading it and would love to hear about your own experiences!

Mike and Diana