Our Trip to the US During Lockdown

Flexibility is the most important part of a roving retirement, especially during these unusual times. Since we don’t have a home, we must decide in advance where we are going and how long we will be staying. Our trip to the US now was primarily to see and look after our loved ones. Continue Reading


Lovers and Fighters in Mexico City

Our last article on Mexico City described the tours we took and the perspective we got on the local culture. But, I find that participating in local activities is an essential way to truly connect with the culture of a city. Accordingly, we managed to go to a couple of events specific to Mexico during our roving retirement stop in Mexico City. Continue Reading


Good Eats in Playa del Carmen

While in Playa del Carmen, we got into a familiar routine. We would work in the morning, eat lunch at our condo, lay by the pool, and go out to dinner every evening. When it came to dining in Playa del Carmen, the decision was always Mexican or not-Mexican. I know, tough decisions plague our roving retirement. 🙂 Continue Reading