Easy Peazy Zambezi

Another article in our OBT series. Our roving retirement tour of Africa took us from Nairobi Kenya to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. We were here to see Victoria Falls and the Zambezi river with its elephants, hippos, and crocodiles.

We arrived in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe from Nairobi around midday and had to wait for our room to be ready. The hotel was quite nice but it reminded us of the Animal Kingdom at Disney World.

Around 4 pm our tour guide came to take us to the Zambezi River for a cruise above Victoria Falls. We were on the boat early, so we struck up a conversation with the only other couple there to pass the time. As the rest of the boat filled up, we realized that there were unlimited cocktails on this leisurely boat ride. Naturally, we started ordering. We had a wonderful time making new friends and then we started passing Hippos in the river.

Zambezi River Cruise

The cruise turned out to be a game drive while on a booze cruise, what could be better?  There were lots of hippos in the river and some crocodiles.

Then, we came around a bend and there was a herd of elephants walking into the river for a little swim. We stayed with them for quite a while and it was funny to see the elephants watching the hippos as they walked past. Once the elephants decided to get out of the river, one of them flopped down on the bank and rolled in the sand and the others sprayed themselves with sand.

Elephants and hippos watching each other

We watched a beautiful African sunset and the cruise was definitely over too soon.

Are you interested in visiting Zimbabwe? I’d definitely recommend it.

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  1. When we were there, we couldn’t pay for anything with a charge card, because the currency was inflating so much each day. Has that changed?

  2. The money situation hasn’t improved much but they would take our credit cards and U.S. dollars.

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