Getting Sick of My Clothes – Already?

Well, it has been about 3 weeks and if I’m honest, I’m already somewhat sick of my clothes. That said, most everything is working really well. I thought I would give you a rundown of everything I’ve learned so far. I’ve included general packing, usability, and performance of my over 60 carry-on wardrobe.

General Packing Thoughts

My luggage is too Bulky and Heavy

So far, we have been checking our bags because when one of us needs to check, we all check. As a result, I haven’t actually had to get my suitcase into an overhead compartment. But, on one of our flights, they weighed our backpacks and I had to reduce the weight of mine by moving things to my checked bag. This was a first for me and something I need to consider going forward.

I ditched some of my clothes and had Josh bring them back to California with him. This includes some of my vitamins and my dive skin, which I did use on Heron Island but I don’t want to carry for another 5-months for 10 days of diving. The dress I brought because I haven’t worn it yet and one pair of sandals and a hat that I don’t think I’ll ever wear at least while I’m packing in a carry-on.

The dress I’ve never worn

Accounting for Weather

While we were on Heron Island, I wore bathing suits, my one pair of shorts, a tank top, my white Columbia blouse, and my flip flops. All of which worked great. Since we have other beach weeks planned throughout our trip, all of these items are staying.

Island style

In Sydney and in Melbourne, it was cold and wet and we had to break out the jackets and ponchos. So every day I wore one or more shirts, my sweater, and my jacket.

We were freezing most of the time


I have worn everything that I brought with me, more than once. I would say I get an A on the usability. While I mentioned in another article that we did do laundry, I also hand wash stuff as we go along.


I love the Prana pants that I brought, especially the black ones. The only downside is that all of the pockets zip so it isn’t practical to continually be putting my phone in and out of a pocket. I’m using the purse instead.

I love these pants

I do plan on buying some flowing pants for the heat in Southeast Asia and India.

What would you pack for an around the world trip?

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