Home Concierge, Getting By With A Little Help From a New Friend

How many times have you thought to yourself, I sure could use a hand? Someone who could help with errands, answer computer questions for your parents, get your streaming entertainment services working right, etc. I know I’ve thought about it quite a bit. Well, it turns out that there are people out there who can help.

What is a Home Concierge?

Your first question is probably, what is a home concierge? Well, just like a concierge in a hotel, I think of a home concierge as someone who can help with a variety of issues like running errands, shopping or helping learn how to use a new phone.  Basically, a personal assistant.

Many people provide these kinds of services for their parents, just as my kids help me with social media applications. Problem recognition and solving skills can decline with age, making another set of eyes key to managing life as happily and safely as possible. Assistance with these tasks can provide relief for primary caregivers and those with elderly parents.

A friend of ours has home concierge services that have relieved their family of a lot of basic services like reviewing bills, depositing checks, helping with computer issues, helping with Comcast issues, even handling larger tasks like moving things and buying furniture.

Frequently, the price for such services is quite reasonable. The challenge is finding a reliable person to do this job.

Finding Someone to Help

Fortunately, I have some recommendations on how you can find someone to help you and/or loved ones.

Even relieving just some of the stress that caregivers and grown children are facing can help with the quality of life of everyone involved.

Do you have any other ideas to share about caregiving and concierges?

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