In Defense of Getting Squirreled #Humor

I retired yesterday. More on that later.
This blog is an attempt to stave off brain rot. More on that later.
How did I get that French Laundry reservation? More on THAT later.

Originally, this post was to be about, well… I can’t remember.
I was lying awake in bed, writing this post in my mind, and got squirreled so many times I forgot what idea I started with.

You might say I’ve got a problem, but I think this bug is really a feature:

Dug the Dog from the Disney Movie “UP”

Ok, so far I have squirreled myself 5 times en route to defending this behavior…
To me, squirreling allows creativity. It can establish new connections and understanding. My…

No joke, that really just happened.
Where was I? Oh yeah,
My thought process is often peppered with searching for analogies and comparisons.

Maybe focus has its benefits, too, if I’m ever going to finish this post.

Right. My thought process is often peppered with searching for analogies and comparisons. Those analogies provide supplemental meaning, or context or sometimes a simple mnemonic (I’m gonna resist squirreling on mnemonic) for that though.

Often, they are funny, like envisioning Nigel taking pride in his amplifiers, “These go to 11,”  in This is Spinal Tap whenever I hear the number 11.
Now, I always chuckle at number 11.
Isn’t my life better for getting squirreled to 11?

Getting squirreled improved my health just moments ago (the aforementioned pills).
Sometimes, squirreling provides learning:

My point is:
#DadJoke – Squirreling has allowed “pepper” to provide spice to my life today ?
And pills, and a couple of chuckles.

How has squirreling spiced your life?

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  1. Too funny Mike! Can’t wait to hear more about the French Laundry reservation and retiring! ??

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