Introducing LC2 and our Early Roving Retirement

For us, Living Chapter 2 can be described as Early Roving Retirement. We are approaching this phase of our lives a bit differently than most of our peers. By selling our house and most of our possessions we can easily rent wherever we go, roving relatively unencumbered.

From the top of Sydney Harbor Bridge

We should start by telling you what Living Chapter 2 (LC2) is all about; it is the next phase of our lives, which is our roving retirement, after:

  • Working jobs to pay the bills
  • Owning a family home
  • The kids graduate from college

Some of our friends here in “Tech Land” have referred to it as Life 2.0. We decided to call it Chapter 2 because we believe there are more phases of life to come and we are expecting to live Chapter 3 and maybe even Chapter 4.

Why we are blogging

However, like many of our contemporaries, we are helping aging parents while launching kids, investing money, doing things on bucket lists, and looking for ways to keep our brains engaged. To address the latter, we decided to start blogging about all of the varied things going on in our lives. So this blog isn’t just about travel or money (the two most popular blog topics), it is about everything that might be going on in the life of a 50-something couple who no longer have to work for money. We figure this phase of our lives will continue for at least 10 years, hopefully, more.

As we discuss these topics with our friends, we have discovered that there are lots of people dealing with similar concerns, so we decided to share, through this forum, what we have learned and will continue to learn on our journey. We hope it will be informative and thought-provoking to the thousands of other people going through this same phase of life.

Our writing style

While I (Diana) have been a writer for many years, Mike and I have very different voices. Our posts will clearly tell you who wrote the article and while we always collaborate, we don’t try to change each other’s voices. This approach makes our posts not only informative but more interesting for our readers, we hope.

Please enjoy reading our take on life and aim to offer you useful information for living your own Chapter 2, whether that is early roving retirement or not. We would love to hear from all of you, so please leave lots of comments and share LC2 with all of your friends.

Rove On!

Updated 2/10/2020

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  1. Such an exciting time for the two of you! As you know, Jerry and I have done major travel since we have retired. We still have our house with lots of stuff, so you are way ahead of us on that. We would love to hear your travel stories and your day-to-day thoughts. We will look forward to your new posts. See you on Saturday!

  2. Great update! Miss our lunches. Hope the best for you both. Great start to the blog! Mike, will miss you in the desert… Fam

  3. Saying that it is about the journey and not the destination is a bit of a cliche. In life, it is the entire truth…the destination is six feet under. With that knowledge: have fun, always learn, remember to stop and look – then move on, be safe but not too safe, keep healthy, love each other and everyone around you.

    Joy comes from within, when shared it multiplies.

  4. Diana and Mike, congratulations! So wonderful you’re blogging your experience, we can all relate. We have so much in common, we must meet up somewhere exotic during your travels. Mark and I love the Maldon Salt too, we keep two boxes at home at all times. We need to give French Laundry another try – it was over 18 years ago – and was not impressed, everything was salty. But we didn’t know what we know now back then. Keep on writing, love reading your thoughts on things.

  5. Right now we are in Nairobi, starting our safari tomorrow. Hey, I’d like to see you when we get back.

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