Lockdown, I’ve Lost Count

Not really, but we aren’t going to give you a day by day report about our Lockdown in France, because nothing really happened here in the last week. I can say posting time sure came around quickly.


It is now Thursday, April 23rd, Day 38 of our lockdown in France, and today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary. It’s been raining 3 days straight, so we welcome today’s sunshine wholeheartedly. Our small celebration will include a bottle of Cremant Rose and a Tarte Tatin for dessert. We haven’t thought about dinner yet.  Maybe more duck breast as it is probably the best meat we have found here.

Beauty Regime

I did color my hair again, with great success this time. I guess practice makes perfect. Now I don’t have to figure out how to get my hair done as soon as we get back to the US. As it is, we will be on two weeks of self-isolation after we return so a trip to the hairdresser isn’t in the cards anyway.

Back to the US

We are trying to plan our return to the US in May, but flights keep getting canceled so things are up in the air (Mike – Or not, get it?). We have booked a place to stay in Cupertino and now we are hoping to get there on time for our reservation.


Most days lunch is baguettes and pate, cheese, tuna, or sliced meat. Mike has taken great pleasure in evaluating every variety and style of canned Cassoulet he could find. He has tried ones with duck confit, Toulouse sausage, and goose. This is another lunchtime favorite for him.

Since nothing much has happened here this week we figured we would show you more pictures of what we have been cooking for dinner. Mostly simple food made with fresh natural ingredients.

Just so we can keep in touch, tell us what you had for dinner this week.


  1. Some of the dinner pics came out, but some didn’t. Congrats on your anniversary! Since we travel for months at a time, I have used boxed color for years. So handy, plus you don’t have to gamble on someone else doing it with unknown results! Safe travels to Cupertino!

    • When I checked the site I saw all of the pics, can you tell me which ones you didn’t see? About the box color, I mostly got the right color this time but I didn’t leave it on long enough. I might have to do it again when we get back. 🙂

  2. It seems like you’re cooking daily meals but do you ever make enough to have leftovers? The food looks gourmet though, so it looks good. I imagine you wouldn’t mind a burrito by now 😉 Hey, if you’re looking for a movie that will make you feel at home, well, you’re new home anyway, check out “The 100 Foot Journey” on Netflix. Trish and I really liked it and given your recent travels to India and France, I think you’ll enjoy it too. Another one that is interesting and in French is “I Am Not An Easy Man”.

    • Funny you should mention burrito. There’s a lot of places here that sell “tacos”, but they look like someone cooked a burrito on a George Foreman grill. A far cry from what we had in CDMX (Ciudad de Mexico). Thanks for the video info 👍

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