Our Timeshare Trading Successes

Hyatt Beavercreek, CO

How should you go about trading your timeshare into someplace else you want to go? When/if you buy a timeshare, you should never count on trading into another property, but that never stops us from trying.

Our timeshare trading success (through Interval International or RCI) has improved dramatically since we are no longer restricted to school vacations. Our kids have just graduated from college and they haven’t joined us for our regular winter ski week in Utah or Colorado for a few years. So, last year we were able to trade into a Hyatt Residence Club in Beaver Creek, Colorado, one of our favorite winter ski places. It turns out that this resort is #1 on Trip Advisor in Beaver Creek and our experience was awesome from start to finish.

We have found if we make requests at new resorts, our likelihood of getting a trade is much higher. Because the resorts aren’t sold out yet, the builders make more weeks available for trade. Last summer, we were in Breckenridge and looked at a new development on Peak 7. When we returned home, we made a request for a trade to Peak 7 and got our trade within a few weeks. We hadn’t skied at Breck in about 15 years and it was a lot of fun.

Bottom line: never count on being able to trade. But, there are some things you can do if you don’t get the trade you want.

  • Consider renting out your week yourself and using the money to pay for accommodations where and when you want to go. We have done this a number of times and the rental income provides more than enough money for us to find good alternative accommodations.
  • You can find properties to rent on craigslist or www.redweek.com. People frequently rent their own weeks out using these services.
  • Add more properties and dates to your timeshare trade request. Be sure to do this far enough in advance.

Don’t give up on trading. It just takes patience and knowing when to move on to another option. You usually need to decide what you are going to do 30 days before your scheduled week. That will give you enough time to decide what to do with your week and find other accommodations. Just remember, there are still good trades out there, especially if you pay attention and are flexible.

Tell us about your timeshare trading success. How did you do it?

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