Want to Visit Europe – Get the EU Vaccine Passport

A big part of our roving retirement is traveling around Europe. However, during Covid lots of extra things need to be done. So, we thought we would describe our EU Covid pass experience. On our recent trip, people in Portugal and in France required our Euro QR code to verify our vaccination status. Continue Reading


Compelling Quaffs and Vistas of the Douro Valley

After our stay in Porto, we felt compelled, COMPELLED!, to head up the Douro River to seek out the sources of all of the port wine we saw being aged in the warehouses in Gaia. We were not disappointed by the visit, neither by the Port, we tasted, nor the stunning views the Douro Valley affords. Continue Reading


Spectacular Bridges, River, and Port Wine In Porto

Our route north in Portugal finally took us to Porto. We have really been looking forward to seeing the Duoro River and Porto, in addition to learning about port wine. The Porto metro area is quite large but Porto is very approachable. Continue Reading


Capes, Library, Jail, and Chapel at the University of Coimbra

After looking at the map of Portugal, we decided that visiting Coimbra, between Lisbon and Porto, would be a good idea. Coimbra, another UNESCO site, has the oldest public university in Portugal, dating back to 1290. The university, first established in Lisbon, went through a number of relocations until moving permanently to Coimbra in 1537. Continue Reading


Castles, Castles, and More Castles in Sintra

Sintra is a popular day trip from Lisbon because of the cute downtown, the five palaces nearby, the panoramic scenery, and the easy rail connections. Since we have a car, we decided to take the 30-minute drive to Sintra from Lisbon and pick up a tour from there. Continue Reading