One Night Stands in Zaragoza, Barcelona and Montpellier

Having savored our final meal in San Sebastian, it was time to make haste to get to Nice for our date with visa renewal destiny. We decided to break up our 500+ mile journey with overnight stops in Zaragoza, Barcelona, and Montpellier. This made for a very roving retirement stretch of days. Continue Reading


Michelin Stars, Great Food, and Beautiful Scenery in San Sebastián

For years, people have talked to us about going to San Sebastián Spain to eat. That is because there are more Michelin stars per capita in San Sebastián, a town of 200,000 people, than any other place on earth. We decided to visit San Sebastián, the foodie mecca, even though it was a 7-hour drive from Santiago de Compostela.  Continue Reading


The End of the Camino In Santiago de Compostela

We left some extra time in our schedule on our roving retirement tour of the Iberian peninsula. Neither of us had been to Galicia and our research told us that we should definitely visit Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia. Continue Reading


Beautiful La Giralda Tower and Alcazar Inspire Another Look in Seville

Seville was not on our original Spanish tour list, but we realized we hadn’t really seen the city on our last trip to Spain and we had to drive right through it anyway on our way to Portugal. So, we decided to give the city another look along with a day in Cadiz. Continue Reading


Malaga’s Great Vibe, Cathedral, and Alcazaba

This week our roving retirement trip to Spain saw us go from Almeria to Malaga. On this trip we are looking for places we might like to live in, even for a short time. Malaga is now on the shortlist, we really liked its warmth, and vibe, there was enough to do, proximity to the beach, and good food. Continue Reading