Why I Cook

Ham hock from Red Beans dish

A travel blogger I follow received a gourmet cookbook from an airline. For the sake of journalism, despite having no cooking experience, he attempted a complete meal for 8 from it. Many hours later, he barely survived the ordeal and may never be able to play the violin. I don’t think he could play the violin before, but the trauma of trying to prepare this meal could have a long-lasting impact.

I’m not much of a cook, myself. Diana is an order of magnitude better.
But I try. I try.
Why Do I Cook? Cooking is meditation to me, and I sometimes savor the results of the effort for days. 🙂

“Ugly Delicious”

As I have low regard of my abilities, any edible result is positive and affirming.
I enjoy the whole process:

  • Choosing a dish to make
  • Determining if I have the ingredients, tools, time and a near approximation of the skills required
  • Slow preparation and execution (greater skill would help speed up)
  • Channeling some Julia Child with a glass of wine
  • Enjoying the fruits (and meats and sauces) of my labor

My cooking definitely leans toward low carb, protein-based dishes so the caveat is that animals are frequently harmed when I cook; and my skills will always be a work in progress.

I like to compare cooking to gardening, both regular household activities. For me, gardening is an endless series of holes I have to dig, into which I place vibrant plants which promptly die. Not quite the affirmation I seek, so I tend to leave that activity to the professionals.

Dead Plant

So for now, I’ll stick with cooking to meditate and express my creative “juices.”

What tasks are meditations for you?

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