Affordable Childcare – A Parent’s Guide to Having an Au Pair

A Parent’s Guide to Having an Au Pair is a book that can help you determine if having an au pair is the right affordable childcare solution for your family.

When our children were small we needed affordable childcare. So, when they were three years old we decided to get an au pair because nannies were just too expensive. Over the next nine years, we hosted 12 different au pairs. Sometimes it was a wonderful experience and other times it was terribly nerve-racking. After we booted the last au pair out, I decided that others might be able to benefit from our experience. So, I wrote a book about everything we learned over the 9+ years we had au pairs. 

But, as things go, I got very busy and never got around to publishing the book, until now. After extensive edits and some updating, I have published the book in ebook format. If you are interested in purchasing the book, click the link below. Please share with any of your friends or associates with young children, I’m hopeful that we can help others with their affordable childcare journey.

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  1. Hi Diana and Mike! Such a great cover and title. I wish you every success with your book, which I hope will be of great help to many dealing with childcare issues.

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