The Third Time is a Charm in Nice

Our main reason for heading into France was to attend our visa appointment at the Prefecture in Nice. That said, we lived in Nice for more than two months last year and we were anxious to visit some of our old haunts. We toyed with the idea of staying in and exploring another part of town but finally settled on staying in roughly the same neighborhood as we did before. Continue Reading


Michelin Stars, Great Food, and Beautiful Scenery in San Sebastián

For years, people have talked to us about going to San Sebastián Spain to eat. That is because there are more Michelin stars per capita in San Sebastián, a town of 200,000 people, than any other place on earth. We decided to visit San Sebastián, the foodie mecca, even though it was a 7-hour drive from Santiago de Compostela.  Continue Reading


The End of the Camino In Santiago de Compostela

We left some extra time in our schedule on our roving retirement tour of the Iberian peninsula. Neither of us had been to Galicia and our research told us that we should definitely visit Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia. Continue Reading


Capes, Library, Jail, and Chapel at the University of Coimbra

After looking at the map of Portugal, we decided that visiting Coimbra, between Lisbon and Porto, would be a good idea. Coimbra, another UNESCO site, has the oldest public university in Portugal, dating back to 1290. The university, first established in Lisbon, went through a number of relocations until moving permanently to Coimbra in 1537. Continue Reading


Challenging Hills, Scary Trams, and Fun Finds in Lovely Lisbon

Our roving retirement has finally taken us to Lisbon Portugal. The city is built on seven hills, so you can imagine that there really isn’t a flat spot to be found except very close to the river. This can present challenges for walking, parking, and just about anything else you want to do in the city but it also presents beautiful views. Continue Reading