Why I Recommend Resort Rehab

As we are getting ready to leave our temporary home in Scottsdale to resume our roving retirement; I find myself reflecting on our time here at the Sheraton Desert Oasis in Scottsdale Arizona. Our days since my surgery involved working out or PT for me and two rounds of golf a week for Mike. Those activities are usually followed by some time on the computer and then a few hours by the pool reading. Some of the time, we go out to dinner. The rest of the time we eat in or get takeout after returning from the pool.

What’s not to like? After all, we have a one-bedroom apartment with the services of a timeshare and a resort pool. We are finally getting our unit cleaned each week and they just bring over supplies when we call and ask. We even get the mail and our Amazon deliveries here and the staff is so nice.

Pity Party

I must admit I spent the first two months here feeling sorry for myself. I suppose I had a good reason after having two surgeries in June. Then I didn’t feel great in July. Finally, we had to cancel our trip to Rochester, which made me feel sad for more than a week. During that time, it was hard for me to appreciate our lovely environment. However, I’m sure the warm temperatures made it easier for me to move.

It wasn’t until the beginning of August that I realized that I had been feeling sorry for myself. To add insult to injury, my pity party involved lots of cookies, cake, and ice cream. As we all know, the sweets didn’t actually make me feel better. It was around that time when I decided that eating better would probably make me feel better.

Slowly Feeling Better

The beginning of August marked about 6 weeks post-op. At my post-op doctor’s appointment, I was told I could start doing full weight-bearing exercises. Also, I could start using one crutch if I was comfortable. While I was raring to go, my leg wasn’t. I still had lots of pain along with 2 major setbacks over the next few weeks from overdoing things at PT.

I’m not happy about this scooter

At the same time, I starting getting steroid injections in my back, which had been bothering me even before I broke my leg. Once my back felt better, it was easier to work on my leg. But, because my recovery was slower than we expected, we started to extend our stay here in Arizona. First, we extended from the beginning of August to mid-August and then from mid-August to the first week of September. By the end of August, we agreed that we wouldn’t leave until I was close to walking without any assistance. So with a week and a half to go, we extended another week taking us to 12 weeks post-op. Making our time here a total of 14 weeks.

We are about to leave at the end of this week but unfortunately, I’m still not walking without assistance. We have agreed that we will continue our travels with a cane. I had another follow up last week and while the bone is healing well, the doctor said that I should expect my recovery to be more difficult this time. I guess it wouldn’t have made a difference knowing this in advance but allowances need to be made. The physical therapist and I have decided that I should keep using assistance until I can walk without pain and wobbling.

My Reflections

The gym finally opened a few days ago and after my first workout, I felt almost like normal. As I sat at the pool yesterday looking at the beautiful blue sky and the palm trees, I realized that I’d be sad to leave. I wish I had appreciated our environment and lifestyle a little. But, what’s done is done. 

One of the guys at the pool even commented that he admired my dedication to my rehab and that he could see so much improvement. I guess some of my dedication is on display because I do exercises in the pool every day, We have become friendly with the pool staff since they are the only constant in our environment. I’m sure I’ll miss working out in the pool and talking to the staff here since meeting new folks is difficult in our socially distant world.

Overall, I don’t think we could have picked a better place for me to go through this ordeal. In addition, I don’t think Mike has minded playing golf twice a week. I know I had no choice and Mike’s golf game has certainly improved.

Would you consider living in a resort to do surgery and rehab?

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and your leg is healing well. While you don’t see the day to day progress, when you compare where you are to a week or more previously, you are getting better. Keep at it! There’s a DJ Khaled Geico commercial that I love. Tiny circles Devin, don’t give up.

  2. I’m gonna miss having you so close and wish I’d made more time to spend with you…. sigh. Until next time. I love you both and look forward to hearing about your next adventures!

  3. Only someone who has been through a bad broken leg can relate all too well and understand exactly what you’re going through! All I can say is, all of the rehab is worth it, once you can walk pain-free! Everything takes longer, but you’ve just got to stick with it. It sounds like things have really turned around for you in a positive way. I’m really proud of you for working so diligently, even if the progress is slower than one would expect. So where’s the next adventure?

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